(Disneyland? Fuck man, this is better than Disneyland!)

This piece was commissioned for the ERTZ #14 Festival in Bera, Spain in 2013. The festival focused on 'los sonidos de la guerra' (the sounds of war); we created a piece that considered the sonic contributions & signifiers of warfare & warfare technology, while striving for a metaphor of failure & exhaustion. We considered texts by Adorno, Huelsenbeck, Hugo Ball & Noam Chomsky & included timings from WikiLeaks' Collateral Murder video, among other sources... The sub-title of WAR SOUNDS comes from Coppola's Vietnam War film, Apocalype Now.

Hacklander / Hatam used drums, synthesized sound recipes treating saw tones in SuperCollider, live processing of snare drum using Max/MSP, and strobe lights. ACME Siren Whistles served as devices for communication during the performance.

Theoretical Basis' Text click here to view.