Tel Aviv: conatus\consent (?)

Conducted by Ana-Maria Avram & Performed by the Hyperion Ensemble International & Special Guest Stephen O'Malley at the Sonic Transfusions Festival Berlin Nov 2014

Conducted by Ilan Volkov & Performed by the Hyperion Ensemble International at the Tectonics Festival Oct 2014


Tel Aviv: conatus/consent (?) is a new piece by duo Hatam \ Hacklander for the Hyperion Ensemble International that premiered in Tel Aviv, October 2014. The piece is conceived for bass clarinet, trombone, horn, viola, cello, doublebasses, inside piano, two percussionists and electric guitar and is part of Hatam \ Hacklander's conatus/consent series.

The piece considers dichotomies of disassociation & solidarity, rhythmic stability and the lack thereof.

The title refers to Spinoza's term conatus (the most pure and essential life force, the energy of desire, before meeting the infinitely varied affects & conditionings brought upon by an environment) and questions the validity/truth of the possibility of consent in a given endeavor (starting from a Marxist idea of the employment relation, which is the totality of structural facts and juridical codifications that make it possible for some to involve others in the realization of their own enterprise)†.

†See Frederic Lordon's book, Willing Slaves of Capital: Spinoza & Marx ON DESIRE.