A new work for percussion & SuperCollider conceived specifically for the Mykorrhiza: Ein Apparat Festival at UferStudios in Berlin, DE; created & curated by Stephanie Wenner.

Mykorrhiza is the underground network of fungal fibres that provides for the communication of plants; the communication of plants is beyond all powers of imagination...By placing this system as unattainable wisdom and moving towards its magical unknown, one may be able to open up new channels of inherent intelligence (via intuition, creativity & constructive engagement) within the human realm.

Mykonauts is presented within the Musik am Donnerstag series as part of Mykhorrhiza at Uferstudios in Wedding.

Illusion, illusion, illusion...

If illusions are a distortion of reality (as per Freud), and narratives that reduce reality (scientific, political, etc.) are also illusional, then society can be understood as a system of illusions, a game being played by all involved…

That which blocks the perception of reality shall be overcome!

Mykonauts, June 2014