Dec 23 Hacklander \ Hatam Concert, Column One presents "Whip Cracking and Death Defying", Roter Salon, Berlin

Nov 13 Hatam \ Hacklander Concert, PIA 2016, ausland, Berlin

Oct 27-30 Premier of the new theater piece, Magic.Acts.Matter, Musical direction by Hacklander \ Hatam, Sophiensaele, Berlin

Sept 29-Oct 1 Wir Sind die Roboter: three days of robot music at Musikbrauerei, Berlin. New composition for the machines of Logos Ensemble by Hacklander \ Hatam

June 23 AGGREGATE 3: Gamut Inc feat. Hacklander \ Hatam, Acud Macht Neu, Berlin

June 16-17 Hacklander \ Hatam @ IMPULSE Theater Festival, featured in Empire Strikes Back: Kingdom of the Synthetic (theater), FFT, Duesseldorf

May 6 Hacklander \ Hatam re-present their WAR SOUNDS for Ghost Tape XI (theater), Uferstudios, Berlin

April 14-15 Hacklander \ Hatam featured in Empire Strikes Back: Kingdom of the Synthetic (theater), HAU2, Berlin

Feb 8-12 Hacklander \ Hatam, DRECK: EIN APPARAT @ Inkonst, Mälmo, Sweden

Jan 25-30 Hacklander \ Hatam, festival DRECK: EIN APPARAT (Stefanie Wenner) @ KampNagel, Hamburg, Germany


Nov 13-14 Empire Strikes Back: Kingdom of the Synthetic, featuring Hacklander \ Hatam @ Forum Freies Theater, Düsseldorf, Germany

Nov 7 Theater piece, Empire Strikes Back: Kingdom of the Synthetic (Ariel Efraim Ashbel), featuring Hacklander \ Hatam, closing performance of the Spielart Festival @ MUFFATWERK, München, Germany

Sept 24-25 Empire Strikes Back: Kingdom of the Synthetic, featuring Hacklander \ Hatam @ KampNagel, Hamburg, Germany

Sept 22 Hacklander \ Hatam performance @ Every Step You Take festival, Sophiensaele Kantine, Berlin, Germany

Aug 20-30 Hacklander \ Hatam guest composers at EMS Elektronmusikstudion, Stockholm, Sweden

Jul 11 Hacklander \ Hatam + Fredrik Olofsson concert @ Dreck: The Show, Uferstudios, Berlin, Germany

June 30 - Jul 4 (world premier) Empire Strikes Back: Kingdom of the Synthetic, featuring Hacklander \ Hatam @ HAU 3, Berlin, Germany

June 19 Hacklander \ Hatam + Fredrik Olofsson concert/lecture performance @ DRECK: EIN APPARAT with special guest Andrei Smirnov, Uferstudios, Berlin, Germany

June 8-18 Hacklander \ Hacklander + Fredrik Olofsson residency @ DRECK: EIN APPARAT, Uferstudios, Berlin, Germany

May 30 new composition, conatus / consent (?) for solo violin + computer by Hacklander \ Hatam @ Radialsystem, Nacht Musik series, Biliana Voutchkova violin, Berlin, Germany

May 8 Hacklander \ Hatam performance of new work, Mykonauts II for MYKORRHIZA: EIN APPARAT, Forum Freies Theater, Düsseldorf, Germany

Apr 17 Hacklander \ Hatam @ Nastupiste 1-12, Topol’čany, Slovakia †

Apr 16 Hacklander \ Hatam @ The House of Art (Dum umeni), Ostrava, Czech Republic †

Apr 14 Hacklander \ Hatam @ RoHAM, Budapest, Hungary †

Apr 12 Hacklander \ Hatam @ St. Ruprechts Kirche, Vienna, Austria †

Apr 10 Hacklander \ Hatam @ A4, Bratislava, Slovakia †

Apr 8 Hacklander \ Hatam @ Dokapi ÖH Café, Linz, Austria †

Apr 6 Hacklander \ Hatam, Keith Fullerton Whitman, John Wiese @ OHM, Berlin, Germany †

† Spring 2015 Euro Tour w/ Anthea Caddy + Hilary Jeffery. Often included combined shows as Inconsolible Ghost.

Jan 31 Hacklander \ Hatam + Fredrik Olofsson a/v performance @ transmediale, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, Germany http://www.transmediale.de/content/levels-of-intrusion

Jan 12 composition (Hacklander \ Hatam), conatus / consent (?) performed by zeitkratzer ensemble @ KontraKlang series opening night, Heimat Hafen, Berlin, Germany


Dec 20 Hacklander \ Hatam, Dave Phillips, Bernd Schurer, Krube. @ NK Projekt, Berlin, Germany

Nov 6 composition (Hacklander \ Hatam), conatus / consent (?) performed by Stephen O’Malley & Hyperion Ensemble International @ NK Projekt, Berlin, Germany

Oct 29 (world premier) composition by Hacklander \ Hatam, conatus / consent (?) performed by Hyperion Ensemble International, conductor Ilan Volkov @ Tectonics: Tel Aviv, Israel

Oct 8 Hacklander \ Hatam, Iancu Dumitrescu, Ana-Maria Avram @ SPECTRUM XXI Edita a VIII, George Enescu Philharmonie, Bucharest, Romania

June 26 Hacklander \ Hatam new work, Mykonauts @ MYKORRHIZA: EIN APPARAT, Uferstudios, Berlin, Germany

June 5 Hacklander \ Hatam + Fredrik Olofsson + Marina Frenck + Jon Evans: new a/v work, Levels of Intrusion @ Magical Secrecy Tour’s Happening, NK Projekt, Berlin, Germany

June 5 Whistleblower Sun Salute (sunrise demo) led by Hacklander \ Hatam in support of Edward Snowden & democracy, Brandenburger Tor, Berlin, Germany

June 3-5 FUSE: applied algorithmic decay & controlled experiments in encryption, a 63-hour long commissioned piece for internet radio streaming on transmediale.de for the 1 year anniversary the Edward Snowden leaks being published, Berlin, Germany


Sept 28 Hacklander \ Hatam, Mika Vainio, PRSZR, Ratbag, NK Projekt, Berlin, Germany

Sept 20 debut as Hacklander \ Hatam duo with new work, WAR SOUNDS, commissioned for ERTZ #14 Festival, los sonidos de la guerra, Basque Cultural Center, Bera, Spain